170201 P18391 300Ankle injuries are extremely common in sports such as netball, basketball and soccer, but may also strike in the simple day to day environment. The most common injury is an ankle sprain where the patient rolls their ankle, tearing ligaments. If, following an ankle sprain, adequate movement is not restored at the ankle, then the risk of further damage is significantly increased. A poorly rehabilitated ankle may result in an increased risk of re-injury and secondary problems.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment is necessary to establish the extent of damage and factors limiting function or return to sport. Treatment may include:

  • Mobilisation
  • Strengthening
  • Proprioception exercises using wobble boards, Dura disc, Bosu dome and/or balance beam
  • Taping / Bracing

An accurate assessment of foot biomechanics is essential and may be performed by the highly trained eye of your physiotherapist or using the state of the art technology of our Gait Scan device. Orthotic prescription may be necessary to address issues (see orthotic section). Foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel spurs) are commonly treated and orthotic prescription is often necessary.

Hills St physiotherapist are well versed in the most up to date taping techniques and have years of experience fitting ankle braces if required. Referral to a specialist foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon can be organised if necessary.

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