160408 P18962 300Hills St Advanced Rehabilitation & Exercise centre offers a range of programs. Sport Specific programs cater for individuals or teams where specific training requirements are necessary for a high level of performance in their chosen sport. Programs under this category will tend to be highly functional and will seek to simulate, as closely as possible, the movement patterns and energy systems utilised in the particular sport.

Participation in Sport Specific programs may be useful for teams and individuals as an adjunct to their current training regime. Our programs may serve to provide the opportunity to utilise training methods (e.g. resistance training) that may not normally be included in a "regular" training program.

Both short term and long term programs can be undertaken, according to specific training phases. We offer individual or group bookings. We also have had an affiliation with the Central Coast Academy of Sport for a number of years.

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Improve your move video, from the Australian Physiotherapy Association:

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