Our General Conditioning exercise programs are designed to suit people of all ages who realise the benefits of exercise and its importance in leading an active lifestyle. Programs can be designed for those with specific fitness goals in mind or for those who just enjoy their "weekly fix" of exercise.

All participants must undergo a thorough interview and assessment prior to commencing a program. During this sixty-minute, one-to-one session, your exercise goals, body measurements and base fitness levels will be established.

We also encourage clients to be active in helping to design the program they will be undertaking. We make your programs "your own", so we need to know which exercises you like to do and the ones you don't!

Nutritional advice is also available. If you feel that your eating habits aren't what they should be, then our exercise physiologists can provide advice and methods to get you on the right track.

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Improve your move

Improve your move video, from the Australian Physiotherapy Association:

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