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Hills Street Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre was initiated 35 years ago in 1982, when Physiotherapists, Denny Shearwood and Peter Buffon first met in their professional year at Gosford District Hospital. Through a shared dream and vision they formulated a partnership that has endured and prospered to the present day. Business began in January 1984 at Terrigal Physiotherapy Centre which was situated behind the old Florida Hotel, above the Hardware Store. Denny and Peter concurrently ran North Gosford Sports Injury Centre within North Gosford Private Hospital.

In the early part of 1986 a property was purchased on the corner of Hills and Beane Streets in Gosford. This venue, with its old weatherboard dwelling and Canary Island Date Palm out front, heralded the beginning of stage one of the 'Hills Street Vision'. Stage two saw the demolition of the old and the construction of the new. Hills Street Sports Medicine Centre has gradually grown and is regarded today as one of the largest and most successful Sports Medicine facilities in N.S.W.

Denny and Peter's 'Hills Street Vision' was always to have a fully functional, multidisciplinary, state of the art, Sports Medicine facility boasting a highly professional team of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation practitioners like no other seen in this country. This vision was finally realised and achieved in the latter part of the year 2000 when the final stage of development was completed.

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